How To Build A $12000/m SMMA In 45 Days

How To Build A $12000/m SMMA In 45 Days

The complete structure to building a $12.000 / Per Month SMMA in 45 Days.

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This channel is designed to assist social media marketing agency owners in growing their agency. I upload videos when a relevant subject pops into my mind, not every single day to play by the algorithms.

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10 thoughts on “How To Build A $12000/m SMMA In 45 Days”

  1. Hey man downloaded the template , will join the premium club course as soon as i get my first client. My starting budget for this entire thing is $1000.Will update you in two weeks man!, thanks again for the videos!😎

  2. Ehy Sander, the idea of gamifying the process of outreach is AWESOME. I think this is the push I needed. I’m setting up a CRO and Copywriting agency for E-Commerces in Milan this month (I live in Verona). Feel free to reach out to connect for a coffee in Milan in April! @giacomo.stira on IG or personal mail. Thanks for the awesome value I’ll let you know how my challenge goes!

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