How To Build Your Laptop Lifestyle SMMA Agency (AI Student Interview)

How To Build Your Laptop Lifestyle SMMA Agency (AI Student Interview)

Today we speak with Evan Gilbert about the dream agency he’s built pulling in $6,000 a month while having total control over the clients he works with, how much he works a day as well as the lifestyle he wants to live.

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Hey! If you’re new to the channel, my name is Iman Gadzhi.

I’m the proud owner of a highly coveted advertising agency called IAG Media that has worked with clients such as Oura Ring, Kevin Rose, AJ&Smart, FuroSystems & many, many more.

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I run the leading education company for agency owners – GrowYourAgency. We have thousands of students, with dozens making 6-figures, multi-6 figures & now even 7-figures a year PROFIT. I take a large chunk of my yearly profits & use that to build schools in Nepal. As of writing this, over 700+ get to wake up and go to schools that GrowYourAgency fully funded.


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I also run a physical e-commerce clothing line – Gadzhi. Everything is bespoke and made in house. It’ the only range of clothes out there that represents the animalistic Entrepreneurial spirit while quite frankly… not looking cringe or being just another print on demand Shopify store.


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10 thoughts on “How To Build Your Laptop Lifestyle SMMA Agency (AI Student Interview)”

  1. Joined agency incubator last week and man… It's beyond expectations already! Can't wait to see where this SMMA journey brings me after being mentored by such a top mentor, both business and personal development related! Thanks for giving this opportunity to all us! You're changing lives Iman!

  2. Iman I live in London and Most stores close down do I star now or wait till the coronavirus calms down ? Love the consistency btw 👍🏾

  3. Hey guys, does anyone know how i can contact Evan? I heard he likes Serbia and Bulgaria, and I'm from Serbia, i wanna grab a coffee with him if he comes one day.

  4. Man these interviews are not really helpful to the audience, most of the information is useless to us. Like why would I care about his gf or his travelling or anything else apart from strictly how he got his clients and how he manages them. "I got 4 clients in 2 days" How did you get those clients? Where did you contact them? Was it email, Facebook, LinkedIn, where was it?? What did you tell them, did you go straight into the pitch or did you have a normal conversation first? Did you send them an audit in the first message or you asked them for permission first? What did you tell them during the phone call? ETC. !! These are the details that we want to hear not about his girlfriend and where he travels and how he pays for his flights.

    Btw this is absolutely not hate, it's a real honest feedback. And I'm sure many people can relate.

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