How To Correctly Track Shopify Profits To Grow Sales (Profit Automation Guide)

How To Correctly Track Shopify Profits To Grow Sales (Profit Automation Guide)

A full tutorial on how to automate and track your Shopify sales and profits for beginners. Shopify profit tracking and finances is extremely important if you want to grow your eCommerce store so in this video I go over Shopify and ecommerce finances, taxes, profit tracking, reports and more.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – Importance of Tracking Sales & Profit
1:58 – Profit Tracker
3:24 – App Setup
7:32 – Using the Dashboard
11:30 – Automated Custom Reports
18:30 – Get Ad Funding & App Discount

In today’s video, you’ll learn how to track all your sales and numbers on not JUST Shopify but how much you spent on Facebook Ads, Snap Ads, payment fees, shipping fees, exchange rates and even generate an automatic report so you can see the most important number to you – your bottom line PROFIT.

Auto sync finances, sales and expenses across a whole range of platforms – marketing, payment processors, shipping accounts and more so you’re basically getting an entire overview in a single spot rather than pulling data across a whole range of websites and software.


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