How To Create A Facebook Business Page In 2022

How To Create A Facebook Business Page In 2022

In this Facebook Business Page tutorial for beginners, I walk you through how to create a Facebook Business Page in 2022.

A Facebook Business page will help your small business establish a strong online presence, build authority, connect with your audience and more.

How to use Canva to create a logo and cover image for free: (how to use Canva) (Create a logo with Canva)

How to make a free website with Google Sites:

► Today we navigate through the below chapters for this Facebook Business Page tutorial:

0:00 Intro
01:10 Getting started
01:30 Login/sign up
01:51 Create page
03:55 Add profile & cover image
05:44 Optimizations & settings
06:52 Unpublish page
07:47 Add call to action button
08:28 Create username
09:17 Complete page set up
11:11 Publish page
11:54 Create page posts
12:09 Page messaging
12:23 Menu tab navigation
13:15 Insights
13:40 Outro

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Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “How To Create A Facebook Business Page In 2022”

  1. Very good tutorial. Does anyone know how to delete photos on a Page? The instructions on Google don't work, and there's no obvious way to delete them. For example, there isn't the usual 3 dots in the upper right corner of a photo with a "delete" option. Has anyone figured out how to delete photos on a Facebook page?

  2. Great tutorials. But I'm stuck somewhere.I created a new FB personal account and also created my Facebook page on it. But after some minutes, FB took the personal account and page down and also requested my picture. I sent it and I'm yet to get a feedback..

    Please what could I have done wrong along the line?

  3. A really great video, which explains the process precisely and clearly. Just one thing that would improve it is the movement of your hands, which spoilt my concentration as your hand movements kept popping up at the bottom of the screen!! It's a natural movement that some professional speakers will actually perfect to illustrate their words but in your video, the eye concentration of the viewer is on the screen not at the bottom of it.

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