How to Develop a Social Media Strategy Step by Step

How to Develop a Social Media Strategy Step by Step

Here’s my step by step process for developing a social media strategy! Grab my FREE social media manager starter kit here:

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10 thoughts on “How to Develop a Social Media Strategy Step by Step”

  1. on 3:20 you said even if the client doesn't have analytics that I could let the client know I sent x amount of people to the website. how do I track the amount of people from social media that click on the website?

  2. How long does the average social media strategy job take? Especially as a freelancer I want to be realistic and I want to know how much time people spend with each client in terms of months etc.

  3. Hello, do you think there is a need to use VPN when handling a client's account? I'm a newbie so I'm not sure. She's from the USA and I'm from Asia. I'm kind of afraid that I will disrupt her engagement. Maybe the algorithm will target people in my area rather than her target audience?

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