How to Direct Link Affiliate Products on Microsoft (Bing) Ads In 2021 (+ 8 Common Questions)

How to Direct Link Affiliate Products on Microsoft (Bing) Ads In 2021 (+ 8 Common Questions)

Want to learn how to correctly direct link affiliate products on Microsoft (Bing) Ads in 2021?

Keep on watching because I show you exactly how you can do that as well as answer 8 frequently asked questions.

Table of contents:

(I forgot to include an 8th question in the notes, so when I say “5th question” in the video, that really means 6th).

0:00 – Introduction
1:06 – How to properly direct link affiliate products
6:02 – FAQ #1
6:44 – FAQ #2
7:52 – FAQ #3
8:43 – FAQ #4
9:23 – FAQ #5
10:16 – FAQ #6
10:59 – FAQ #7
12:11 – FAQ #8

Part 1: How to properly direct link affiliate products

The proper way to direct link affiliate products on Microsoft (Bing) Ads hasn’t changed much in 2021 as it was in 2017.

The only difference is that now you have to go into account settings and make sure that auto-tagging is actually turned to ON, not OFF.

Other than that, you have to click on your affiliate link, and add the URL you see in the actual browser in the “Final URL” field. You also have to take your tracking link and put it in the tracking template.

Adding the additional tokens isn’t mandatory, but I use it myself to track and strongly suggest you do too.

Let’s move on to some of the most common questions I get when trying to direct link affiliate products on Microsoft (Bing) Ads.

FAQ #1: I’m clicking on my ad and stats aren’t changing, why not?

Make sure to click on your TRACKING LINK, NOT the ad or final URL.

Clicking the final URL will NOT affect your stats at all because when an actual user clicks on your ad, the tracking link is clicked on, NOT the final URL.

So to test your ad, either click on your tracking link, or go to, find your ad, and click it from there.

FAQ #2: How do I fix a “Landing Page Not Found” error?

Make sure you go into your account settings and set auto-tagging to ON.

My earlier video said to have this OFF, but with the introduction of parallel tracking, this now has to be on.

FAQ #3: Is the process the same for my landing page if I’m not direct linking?

YES – this process is 100% the same regardless of whether you’re direct linking or not.

This is how you use tracking links to promote any offer.

HOWEVER – if you DO have your landing page, I would strongly suggest that you use ClickMagick campaigns instead as it’s easier to set up, gives data in a more visual way, and is just the industry standard.

πŸ‘‰ How to set up ClickMagick campaigns:

FAQ #4: How do I fix a “Tracking Call Unsuccessful” error?

Don’t worry about it.

As long as the landing pages are found, this error means nothing.

If you REALLY want to get rid of it, make sure you also enable parallel tracking in addition to the auto-tagging in the account settings.

But other than that, it really doesn’t affect anything and you’ll still be tracking correctly.

FAQ #5: Do I have to use ClickMagick?


I strongly suggest that you use SOME third-party tracking software, but it’s not mandatory to be able to direct link.

FAQ #6: Does this only work with ClickBank products?


This works with ANY product, as long as you’re given the link to promote it with.

FAQ #7: Can’t I just put my affiliate link in the “Final URL” field?


I have seen as well as you some other people doing this and this is WRONG.

The bots clearly just haven’t scanned the site yet, but once they do, the ad(s) will 100% be disapproved.

Invest a little of time in setting this up correctly now so there are no problems later on.

Besides, would you want your URL in your ad to look like this?

FAQ #8: I did everything you said and I’m still getting a “URL mismatch” error.

If you’re still getting an error after doing everything, contact support and tell them that the URLs properly match – ie. your final URL and the tracking template link.

They will usually take a look and manually approve it after a day or few.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re promoting some grey-area or black-hat products, a “Landing Page Not Found” error just means that they don’t allow this specific product.

That’s their way of saying this isn’t allowed.

And this is how you properly direct link affiliate products on Microsoft (Bing) Ads in 2021!

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  1. Thanks for this video! Is it the case that only one person can post a direct-link ad for any given URL? e.g. if an affiliate has created a direct-link ad for Diabetes Freedom, would it then be impossible for another to run an ad to that URL as well? Thank you!

  2. When I try to create a microsoft ad account it does not allow me to add my clickmagic link so I can track. It is set up like I am the owner of this business I am trying to promote. How do I fix it?

  3. Great video as always! Let's say my funnel is from ad to presell page to cb offer. I'm tracking with clickbank tracking id (I know you don't recommend this) Would the final url be the cb offer main url or my presell url? I'm asking because I'm not using a tracking link with domain. And would I put my cb affiliate link in the template? Or this can't be set up like this? Thanks!

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