How to Do an SEO Audit (For 2022)

How to Do an SEO Audit (For 2022)

Get systematic #1 rankings ➡️

In this video, I’m going to walk you through my SEO audit process.

I’ll be conducting this audit on a real business and you’ll watch me do it over my shoulder.

So if you want better rankings for your business or your client’s businesses, then you have to watch this.

Keep in mind:

This video doesn’t cover every microscopic detail of an SEO audit.


I focus on high-impact stuff that can actually help you get better rankings (and not waste your time).

Watch the video and leave a comment below with “more” if you want more videos like this.

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10 thoughts on “How to Do an SEO Audit (For 2022)”

  1. Pardon me if you've answered this somewhere else.
    My experience with SEO is limited and outdated.

    How to acquire links "the right way"?
    What is "above the fold"?
    What are high quality links?
    Do you have any suggestions for learning conversion optimization?

    Thanks for everything, your content is phenomenal.

  2. Some SEO experts on youtube say geting backlinks from Web 2.0 sites is good and you're saying its not which leaves me a little confused 🙂
    So are all Web 2.0 sites bad…including medium and quora?

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