How To Easily Find Viral Instagram Posts FAST [2019]

How To Easily Find Viral Instagram Posts FAST [2019]

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About this video:
If you are using reposts to grow your Instagram accounts then you are probably spending a lot of time to find posts that have a high chance of going viral. I’ve recently found a method to use the automation tool Jarvee to scrape thousands of posts and filter out the viral ones.


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10 thoughts on “How To Easily Find Viral Instagram Posts FAST [2019]”

  1. Does the original post caption also caption all the "FOLLOW@NATURE" etc tags? also in pages like that, that are also using other peoples photos. eg. Nature pulls photos from photographer and credits them. Do you credit Nature or do credit the original photographer. If the OP then is there a way on jarvee to repost and only tag the original content creator?

  2. Is there a way to take this spreadsheet and post using another tool like Buffer or an approved IG 3rd party? Everytime i use Jarvee to post, I get shadow banned.

  3. kannst du mir bitte erklären wieso das bei dir in excel geordnet ist? zB bei dir ist alles nach likes, comments alles untergeordnet , bei mir nicht 🙁

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