How to Gain 10x ROAS on Facebook Ads 2019 ($0 to $9,000 sales in just 1 WEEK FAST!)

How to Gain 10x ROAS on Facebook Ads 2019 ($0 to $9,000 sales in just 1 WEEK FAST!)

Watch me scale from $0 to $10K+ within a month on Facebook and Instagram ads with a new ecommerce store. In week 3, I walk through the exact campaign structure on Facebook & Instagram and where I’m at with conversions and sales revenue after just a week into setting the ads live! #10kfbchallenge

Dominate Facebook & Instagram Paid Traffic in 6 Weeks:



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10 thoughts on “How to Gain 10x ROAS on Facebook Ads 2019 ($0 to $9,000 sales in just 1 WEEK FAST!)”

  1. Please make a full video explaining the strategy, I want to know more… Your ROI is amazing😮. Is it an alliexpress product? Its a high ticket product I guess. Congratulations for these amazing results

  2. Great video! I don't know what you're selling, but is the $8,605 in revenue the total sales or is it your commissions received. IOW, what is the bottom line?

  3. Hey Andrew. In my first month, I've gotten about 65K in sales. I have spent more money to get those results but can't seem to get the 10.0 ROAS. I'm hovering around 4-6 ROAS right now. Trying to improve but could it be as simple as just the product? I'm not sure how to make it better and with other clients, I feel I'm no stranger to 10-15 ROAS but can never seem to get that high with my stuff. Please help?

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