How to Get More Google Traffic  [New SEO Technique]

How to Get More Google Traffic [New SEO Technique]

In this video I’m going to show you how to get more traffic from Google using a new SEO strategy.


Here’s a little preview of the strategy:

The overall goal of this approach is to rank in the Featured Snippet spot. My own SEO experiments have found that getting listed as the Featured Snippet can 5-10x your organic click through rate.

This makes sense if you think about it: the featured snippet box is a HUGE area above the traditional results.

The thing is, until recently, I had no idea how to rank my site as a Featured Snippet. But after lots of testing, I eventually figured things out. I don’t rank 100% of the time. But I at least now improve the odds that I’ll get in there.

And in this video I go over the exact step-by-step process that you can use to get more Google traffic.

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11 thoughts on “How to Get More Google Traffic [New SEO Technique]”

  1. I need serious help as I am not able to find out the solution. I am using shared hosting and currently, 2 WordPress websites are hosted. I have noticed that the traffic spike will go down and go up for both of the websites at once., I.E. if site 1 has fewer visits as compared to last day, surprisingly site 2 will also show the traffic drop. Simultaneously if site 1 gets more visitors co0mpared to last day, then site 2 will also show spikes in traffic,. I checked for a downtime of the server but found it to be normal. Also, Google console won't show any coverage error. I have noticed several other websites in my niche have more traffic ever they are having poor DA PA and poor content. I am using the same set of theme and plugins on both websites. They have a different niche and 100+ posts each. All I barely get is 150 visits a day each. both websites are 1+ year old(DA 30+) with quality content and well researched using Ahref and KGR.


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