How to Get YOUR Teespring Listings on the Teespring Marketplace and Boosted Network

How to Get YOUR Teespring Listings on the Teespring Marketplace and Boosted Network

Want some FREE traffic to your Teespring listing? The best way to get it is by having your listings show up on the Teespring Marketplace and the Boosted Network.

In this video I tell you exactly what you need to do to have your Teespring listing show up on these marketplaces.

The first thing you have to understand about this is something Teespring calls the “Seller Trust Score”.

You can read more about it here:

👉 Seller Trust Score article:

Basically, it’s an invisible score developed by Teespring in 2018 and assigned to certain accounts that help differentiate the “bad” players from the “good” ones.

Basically, the higher your Teespring trust score, the higher the chances that your listings will appear on the marketplace and the Boosted Network.

1. So how do you get a seller trust score in the first place?

You can get a seller trust score by a) verifying your Teespring payout information and b) making 2-10 sales.

From what I’ve heard and the research I’ve done, 10 sales seems to be the “golden” number for your listings to start showing up.

To learn how to add/verify your payout information on Teespring, take a look at this video:

👉 How to add your payment method to Teespring:

However generally speaking getting sales is the hardest part of getting that initial trust score – so take a look at my videos teaching you how to promote your listings on Facebook and Google Ads:

👉 How to promote your Teespring listings on Google Ads:

👉 How to promote your Teespring listings on Facebook Ads:

After you do that, you should get the trust score assigned to you.

As mentioned, you won’t be able to see it at all, but if you are getting fast payouts, it’s generally a good indication that you have a good score.

Also, you cannot buy your own products to increase your score – you can however ask your family and friends to buy it and pay them back later if you want.

There is no guarantee your score will go up, but it will certainly help.

Now that you have a score, you have to prevent it from falling, so let’s go over that next.

2. How do you prevent your Teespring trust score from going down?

Really, just by following Teespring guidelines…

👉 List of Teespring guidelines to follow:

Follow the rules and your score won’t go down.

That means no copyright infringement, stealing other people’s designs and so on.

It’s important to note that if your listed gets delisted automatically by the system, it doesn’t mean your trust score will go down right away.

Teespring reviews accounts on a case-by-case basis, so if you commited an honest mistake that doesn’t have to do with any of the major policies mentioned above, your listing might be re-added and trust score unaffected.

So now that you know how to get a trust score and prevent it from falling, let’s discuss the last part.

3. How do you increase your Teespring trust score?

As you follow Teespring policies over time, your score should go up.

From what I’ve heard, one month is a good number to go by, so sell some products, and go at least one month without breaking any rules – that should help you get that first trust score bump.

Teespring is also very vague, but they do say that as you reach certain sales milestones your score will go up as well.

So maybe once you hit 10, 20, 30 sales and so on, your trust score will go up, but that’s only speculation.

Either way, the more sales you get, the higher the chances of your trust score going up, so make sure to follow the policies and make some sales and you’ll be well on your way to having your Teespring listings show up on the Teespring marketplace and the Boosted Network!

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