How To Hire Your First Employee For Your Business

How To Hire Your First Employee For Your Business

Here is the only video you need, to learn how to hire your first employee for your small business.
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🌟 How To Hire The Right Employees For Your Business

How to hire passionate, disciplined, self-motivated and driven employees?

The question every single business owner will face in their entrepreneurial journey.

Within my social media marketing agency, I have recently hired 3 new full-time members.

We are an incredibly lean business so we have to make sure we have a laser-point hiring strategy when it comes to expanding our team.

So in today’s video, I’m going to go through how to put together a system for you to successfully hire your first or your next full-time employee!
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☆ Time Stamps ☆

0:00 – Intro
0:26 – When to hire
1:32 – How to write a job description
3:34 – How to advertise the job role
4:33 – Reviewing your applicants
5:59 – The screening process
7:47 – How to interview employees
11:22 – The decision
11:58 – The trail/ onboarding process
13:16 – The job offer
13:33 – Documentation
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9 thoughts on “How To Hire Your First Employee For Your Business”

  1. Greetings to you Jordan..

    I want to ask you a great questions that i think you may be able to educate me on.

    Running an Agency on upwork? I am super interested in learning about that aspect of Upwork. It's ins and out and any suggestive advice you could offer to a student of yours.

    Ps. I am super open to learning and i would love to learn from any person who feels they have the authority to speak on the matter. So drop any links and or names i can follow to learn more about this hidden gem of knowledge..

  2. It’s very simple to be effective with an employee. Have you noticed that your company actually makes more money without an employee. Are you thinking this is because you are doing a great job of hiring the perfect human being for your team? It's because everyone has been abused by overworked HR departments and under paid employees; making critical mistakes.  They were fleeing from the labour market, not in search of employment, just silently destroying any chance they have to succeed in their chosen careers and dreams…
    entire world is used first through the wrong business mind filtering technology. It targets only the specific people but tells them nothing useful about doorways to success… Thanks for your video,

    Jordan Platten

  3. A very nice video that will help me a lot in the business plan I'm currently doing for my future SMMA agency.

    Indeed, I also made some mistakes at the beginning, such as hiring people without having enough resources to manage them (especially the clients).

    Thank you Jordan for the added value.

  4. You've got to know when to hire. I like what you said in terms of hiring. Gotta hire based on personality, as skills can be learned and personality can't, it's just so true. Useful video, man.👌

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