How To Increase Drop Servicing Profit By 15X ($1870 Profit!!)

How To Increase Drop Servicing Profit By 15X ($1870 Profit!!)

In today’s Drop servicing tutorial, i will be revealing ONE strategy i discovered and tested for the past few months. This ONE strategy has been generating good profit for my Drop servicing business!

This strategy is a game changer and has been increasing my Drop servicing profit by 15 times!

Discover my strategy on how to increase Drop servicing profit by 15 times in this video, so make sure you watch the entire video.

Thank you so much for watching!

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8 thoughts on “How To Increase Drop Servicing Profit By 15X ($1870 Profit!!)”

  1. Hi May! Just got enrolled at your course this morning, "The Ultimate D.R.O.P. Servicing 2.0". I'm literally not a techie person and a total newbie. Could you please make a video regarding SEO service, how to estimate price ranges based on clients current and target income and what other things to put into consideration when making a quote? What other services can be bundled which are not complicated for a beginner like me? And what is the difference in pricing between a beginner with no brand yet vs a drop servicer that already carry a brand. Hope you notice me. Keep safe always and thanks ahead 🙂

  2. Hi my name is Maciek i'm from Poland.i have a fresh dropservicing website. im writing to you because i have a problem with my drop servicing business. the point is i dont have a registered a company, i have personal acount in paypal. when i try to connect my woocomerce plug in with paypal they(paypal) wanna upgrade my paypal account to buisness account !! can i recive a payment to my personal paypal account ? if not how i should solve the problem ? did you at start have a company ?

  3. Hi May! I live in Vietnam and I am super excited to start Drop Servicing thanks to your videos. I think I want to start with video editing. If I join your course does it include 1-on-1 time with you to help me with the set up?

  4. Hey May! Glad that you're taking our opinions. I want you to post a video based on the bundling of web design and social media marketing. I think I'm too demanding 😅🙄

  5. Great tip May! I've been binge-watching your YT videos now. haha Btw, could you suggest a good bundle for social media copywriting or email copywriting for coaches?

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