How to install Google Analytics on YouTube

How to install Google Analytics on YouTube

Learn how to install Google Analytics on your YouTube channel. We will cover setup steps, plus what you can and cannot track into your Google Analytics reports. You will also learn how to verify that Google Analytics is installed (and loading) on your YouTube channel.

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You can add Google Analytics to YouTube in order to report on how people are engaging with your channel. Once installed, you will be able to use a whole range of reports in Google Analytics, however, there are some important things to know when using your reports. This includes what you can and cannot track once you’ve added Google Analytics to YouTube.

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10 thoughts on “How to install Google Analytics on YouTube”

  1. Turns out i have 2,619 videos.
    I need to print out my entire list of videos between the date 1 August 2013 and now.
    I need these metrics only on the list (can be between 50 to 100 items per page depending on thumbnail size.

    Metrics are as follows.
    1. Upload date
    2. Video title
    3. Video url
    4. Duration of video
    5. Thumbnail picture

    There can be a sum of total hours of video I have uploaded.

    I don't need any more information.

    I need this so I can print out the information.

    Could you do this for me? For a job/fee or advice where?

  2. Hi
    Please help me as I couldn't find any option of google analytics property tracking ID in my advance channel settings .I have tried several times but all in vain. What could be the possible reason of not showing that option. Please suggest any solution.

  3. Can I suggest you remove this video. As your pinned comment clearly states this is no longer relevant. It might be getting you views but it certainly isn't winning you subscribers.

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