How to Launch a New Product Using Kickstarter | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #5

How to Launch a New Product Using Kickstarter | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #5

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In this episode of the Effective Ecommerce Podcast. We’re gonna be talking how to launch a new product using Kickstarter. So I just launched a new product using Kickstarter. I did a lot of research leading up to this and tried to figure out what is the best way to launch a product using Kickstarter and I came up with a lot of different information. So I’m gonna go over all the information I came up with along with the process that I used to raise all a little over $16000, 16000 and a half thousand dollars and I know that’s not insane I know a lot of people out there talk about I raised three hundred thousand dollars using Kickstarter well something interesting I did mine in 30 days I did 30 days’ worth of work to launch to make 16 and a half thousand dollars on Kickstarter so I’m pretty proud of that I think obviously if I would have spent more time I could have done a better job also my product isn’t one of those three hundred thousand dollar products. We’ll talk about the whole process here in just a second so the real thing I wanted to try to do is figure out what is the 80/20 of launching a product using Kickstarter if you don’t know if the 80/20 it is it’s basically what’s the 20% of things I can do that will give me 80% of the results think about when you’re studying for a test usually looking back in the days when you’re set for a test in school you could do about you could study for a long long time but ultimately what it was, was there was two you could study for let’s say five hours to

Launching a product via Kickstarter or other crowdfunding source is a great way to validate a market/product and raise funds for your production run. I recently raised over $16,000 and in this episode, I share all the strategies I used to hit my goal. The interesting part of this is that I was able to do it in just 30 days as a side project.

-Two-pronged approach
-Get emails and move them into a facebook group and ultimately create adrip campaign
-Get influencers/blogs etc. excited about your product
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9 thoughts on “How to Launch a New Product Using Kickstarter | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #5”

  1. Great podcast, I got a lot of new ideas from listening to it. I do have a question for you, though. Before you listed your product on Kickstarter, did you have to get any kind of federal certifications? If so, what were they?

  2. Love your Video !! Good Job.
    I like your strategy, make sense to me.
    When you sent your product to influencers, How did they help your campaign, did they ask for money to share? if yes what was the ROI look like?

  3. Hi Travis! I appreciate all the free content you put out on YouTube! I actually might have a product, but should I be concerned about patents? Please let me know what you think! Thank you!

  4. Great video . but Kickstarter is only of people based in The USA and The UK. Unfortunately i cant use it. Have you used Indiegogo ? and what was the reward you offered to the backers. Do i send my product to each and every backer after the successful campaign?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. hi travis, thankyou for information you provide in each video. I have a product in my mind that i already talked to my manufacturer. I don't have the money to start the process. I don;t know how Can U create kickstarter project without the design? would you guide me with steps i should be doin?

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