How To Leverage Facebook Ads in Business | Facebook Ads | Avi Arya

How To Leverage Facebook Ads in Business | Facebook Ads | Avi Arya

How To Leverage Facebook Ads in Business | Facebook Ads | Avi Arya

Jordan Platten is the founder of [](, a multi-service digital marketing agency, and e-learning business. With a specialization in social media advertising,
Jordan and his team have generated millions in new revenues for a diverse variety of companies around the globe.

This video is one of the IMOTWS series of interview videos aimed to share values, learnings and teachings that the Moguls across the world cultivated over the years building their Internet Marketing businesses.

Avi Arya & Jordon discussed various aspects of Digital Advertising, especially with respect to Facebook Ads. Strategizing to leverage the FB Ads platform by focusing on key factors like Buyer Persona, Pixel Setup and Remarketing can prove to be a boon in business.

This video talks about..
1. Importance of right advertisement strategy.
2. Prioritizing content for ads.
3. Remarketing as per audience and platform.
4. Multi-platform strategy in follow-up.
And much more valuable stuff.

Watch the entire video to know the exact strategies that made these Moguls and
how you too can become one..
Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below.


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10 thoughts on “How To Leverage Facebook Ads in Business | Facebook Ads | Avi Arya”

  1. Amazing video. Here's what I learnt ….
    1) Sell your best selling product or service to your no.1 audience. Gradually you will get confidence to run ads once you get ROI on your ads.

    2) Video is king when it comes to advt.

    3) For remarketing a product you can use images but if you are selling some services and wanna be a personal brand then you need to be in the videos.

    4) Invest in ads don't depend on organic.

    5) Never burn the bridge. No place for ego in business.

    6) Don't depend on one platform for follow ups.

    7) Stay close to the router( parents)

    Thanks Jordan and Avi sir

  2. Really enjoyed the session.. What I loved most is- We should know our customer Avatar, While selling on Facebook we should not put all of our products in one go bcoz it becomes so messy and confusing for the customers, Sell your best products to your no.1 customers or audiences. You should not start monetizing audiences on initial level, they should feel you are a genuine person.
    I would like to tag- Swathi NC
    Anup Thakur
    Apoorv Khare

  3. Very informative video and the one very good thing I learned is I don't need to buy expensive gears to make videos and videos works best on fb.

  4. This is a fabulous talk!
    Right from optimising ads with apt strategies to prioritising product, content to remarketting strategies on multiple platforms , everything is elaborated👌.
    Sell your best product to your no.1 audience defogs major comfusion of laymen.
    ( Crisp takeaways for Digiital Agency owners as well.)
    @Avi: Loved the quote-"Stay close to the router." ( and Acknowdge the harsh knowledge coming from there.
    Am sure 'Going Vernacular' idea is gonna boom.(You can count upon me for Gujarati).
    Thank you Avi! Thank you Jordan!

  5. Stick to one product at a time and scale that.
    For adds we should know our Customer Avtar very well ,that's very important.
    Sell your best product to your no. 1 best audience.
    Don't depend on Organic leads,must invest in adds.

  6. How To Leverage Facebook Ads in Business

    My reflection
    Sell your best product to your Right Target Audience with the strategies that worked

    And then replicate for other products
    With FB Ads

    Online selling is different from offline

    Videos are in thing for FB Ads

    In remarketing, images work out

    U need to have Patience, experiment when doing FB Ads

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