How to make an engaging business presentation for your work

How to make an engaging business presentation for your work

Create a dynamic video presentation that will be remembered by everyone and will help you stand out from the rest. Here’s the program that helped us in creating our presentation: Promo code of 15% DISCOUNT: VLOG15 😃 For the subscribers only!

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The era of boring, same-old presentations is over, replaced by bright, dynamic video presentations. Today we will work on creating a presentation for our innovative school “Talk to me”. Here are the main tools, without which no one can deliver a decent video presentation:

1. A background for your presentation. Upload your own or select one from the built-in collection.

2. Text. Every presentation needs a little text. Go to the “titles”tab and add some appropriate words to your background.

3. Call-outs. Add arrows and geometric shapes to make your presentation easier to follow and understand.

4. To make your presentation more dynamic, we’ll animate a few objects. To do this, select the clip, go to the “Animation” tab, choose “add animation” and add the keyframes. In the preview window, set the size and position for each individual keyframe.

5. Sound. Record a voiceover for your video presentation or choose some appropriate background music to suit your presentation.

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