How To Make Money On YouTube (With A Small Channel)

How To Make Money On YouTube (With A Small Channel)

In this video I go over how much money I made on youtube from 0 to 4000 subscribers and exactly how to make money on youtube with a small channel.
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👁 About this video: I’ve seen many videos from big youtubers where they talk about how much money they are making on youtube. I like to watch these videos for inspiration and motivation. But at the same time, I think most people are nowhere near the size of their channel. So I decided to make a video myself where I go over exactly how to make money on youtube with a small channel (and how much money I’ve made on youtube from 0 – 4000 subs). I think that subscriber number is a lot more relatable when just starting a youtube channel and I think it can motivate a lot of people to actually pursue starting a youtube business. Because other then youtube ad revenue, there are a lot more way to make money on youtube. My favourite one is affiliate marketing. Watch the video to learn exactly what I’m talking about.
👋 Hi! I’m Simon, I started building my first online business at 22 years old when I went to university and was looking for ways to make money online. On my journey to build passive income online I use this youtube channel to teach what I learn along the way and to build a community of likeminded people. I believe that no goals are impossible as long as you’re willing to take the action it takes to achieve them! Join me on the journey to become financially free and let’s build passive income online! ► SUBSCRIBE:
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  1. Hey man, I really appreciate your videos and your transparency. I was wondering how much your revenue from youtube changed since you have much more subscribers?

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