How to Make Your First Succesful Facebook Ad + Walkthrough

How to Make Your First Succesful Facebook Ad + Walkthrough

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In this video I’m going to show you step-by-step how to create your first Facebook ad in just a second we’re going to go to a screen recording where I show you the entire process from A to Z we’re going to go over things like how to choose the right Facebook campaign for you some tips and tricks on creating a very specific narrow audience how to target to correct people on Facebook Ads then we’re going to talk about how to create a really powerful Facebook Ads image and copy after we’re done with that entire process we’re going to do a quick tutorial of the entire Facebook Ads platform.

So you know what you’re doing this will include things like going over how to use the power editor how to create a pixel a Facebook pixel and creating your first custom audience this is actually the first lesson from the beginners Facebook Ads course I just launched its. So packed full of information I had to share with you guys. So without any further ado let’s jump right into it welcome to the first lesson of the Facebook Ads course. So in this lesson the first thing I want to do is right off the bat teach you everything you need to know to make a basic Facebook ad.

So we’re going to go through this process we’re going to make the campaign the ad set and the ad if you’re just starting Facebook ads this is probably the first thing you see but after we make our first ad I’m actually going to take you into the ads manager we’re going to poke around here teach you all the tips and tricks. So how you can review how you can look at the analytics of your Facebook ad all that stuff and then after that we’ll briefly look at some of the more advanced topics such as the power editor how to build audiences. So let’s get started right off the bat with how to make your first ad.

So I’m building your first ad here we’re going to talk about everything from the campaign to ad set in the ad. So in the ad set we’re going to talk about things like targeting I’m going to give you some tips and tricks some things that Facebook actually purposely hides that you can just uncheck and it will save you a ton of money now for the ad itself we’re going to talk about the ad copy how to make a quality image and I’m going to give you some other little interesting tidbits in there.

So let’s get started the first thing we need to do when creating a Facebook ad is decide what kind of a campaign we want to run and there is a lot of choices and for a beginner it might be overwhelming let me tell you right off the bat there’s only about for you want to look at traffic video views’ lead generation and conversions another one that’s a little bit interesting and a little bit more advanced is product catalog sales those are probably about it now if you have a physical store or physical location you may be interested in store visits as well obviously if you have an app you might look at app installs there’s a bunch of different things but I’m going to assume you have an Ecommerce site or you’re trying to sell some kind of product in service. So let’s go down really quickly talk about each of these different types of campaigns and why they may or may not make sense. So brand awareness and reach right off the bat don’t waste your money on these unless you have a really big budget don’t waste your money on these because it’s just Facebook’s way of spreading the message it’s like a billboard almost not very effective we don’t we don’t want that we want targeted traffic or targeted conversions.
So obviously traffic is just sending traffic to your website very powerful it’s probably one of the easiest things personally nine times out of I would rather create a conversions campaign but for the purpose of this video we will probably do a traffic because I think it’s one of the most basic ways to get started right off the bat engagement once again don’t really waste your money on this this is Facebook’s way of getting you to spend more money than you probably should it’s basically just creating a campaign where Facebook or you try to get engagement on your post. So it could be comments likes things like that app installs pretty self-explanatory for app installs video views now later in this course we’re going to do a whole section on how to do a video campaign a video ads campaign very powerful a lot of the Guru’s and Facebook marketing talked about video views because you can get views for. So cheap more of an advanced topic we’re not going to touch their lead generation may personally be my favorite I go between conversions and lead generation the beauty of lead generation is that when you seal an ad in Facebook you can actually or when your audience sees that ad in Facebook.
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  1. You did not really uncheck "All Mobile Devices". That's a drop down menu. If you really want to exclude mobile phones, the the option is not under advanced, it right at the beginning of "Edit Placements". There you can say "Desktop Only", under Device Types.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Travis. How long do you recommend split testing a campaign for? I’ve heard four days at $5/day is adequate; you think that sounds about right?

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