How to Manufacture a Product from A to Z

How to Manufacture a Product from A to Z

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In this episode of the effective e-commerce podcast, we will be talking about how Ariana’s manufacture her product Vino cards in China. She saves a lot of money manufacturing it in China and We’ll find out the step-by-step on how to do that.


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10 thoughts on “How to Manufacture a Product from A to Z”

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  2. What if my product doesn't exist i cant find anything similar to my product? do you know of a good manufacturing company that build technical product's????

  3. I wish you guys would tell me what your products are and if you are available to help me personally because I dont want a package I want a person. And what protection will i have if I share on Facebook, insta, etc to get feedback with my idea??

  4. This guy is so unrefined, stressed out and hype up. My recommendation is these guys are glue less so disorganized can see them adding to my success. Extremely embarrassing this beautiful young woman deserves better.

  5. I am more than half way thru your video and i think you have prove to me you don't know what your doing. I will continue to watch til the end to give you benefit of the doubt. ok more than 3/4 and making it sound so bad and negative I think I wont even do this. Ok close to end both looked away when he spoke about the price is going to be a good seal hmmmmmm

  6. Great ideas & advice generally. NOT a fan of having anything made in China, there have got to be affordable manufacturers elsewhere (IDEALLY HERE). We all need to make it a point to support American businesses in every way possible=)

  7. I am already getting ready to manufacture my product Travis thanks to your course!!!! I am so dam excited!!! I just need to find one but I’m getting close ahhh!!!

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