How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Ad Account in 2022 (WORKING)

How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Ad Account in 2022 (WORKING)

🚫 How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Ad Account in 2022 (Updated Facebook Ads Tutorial)

Sick of getting your Facebook ad account disabled?

Not sure why Facebook keeps suspending it?

Want to avoid getting your Facebook advertising account banned in the future?

All these questions will be answered and more in today’s video.

This will be the last video you’ll ever have to watch on this topic!



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β˜† Time Stamps β˜†

0:00 – Facebook Ads Account Disabled! How To Fix This FAST! (Intro)
0:26 – What Is A Facebook Account Ban?
1:13 – Why Your Facebook Ads Manager Has Been Restricted (Facebook Ads Policies)
3:25 – How To Avoid Future Facebook Ad Bans
4:21 – How To Verify Your Facebook Ads Account – How To Verify Your Domain On Facebook
5:10 – How To Submit An Appeal For Your Disabled Facebook Ad Account
7:43 – What To Do If Your Ad Account Appeal Gets Rejected
9:49 – An Alternative CHEAPER Advertising Platform
10:28 – Video Conclusion + Facebook Ad Appeal Template

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10 thoughts on “How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Ad Account in 2022 (WORKING)”

  1. the problem is I Don't advertise anything in FB, yet there's a notification that I owe facebook $13.30 I checked it out it is legitimately from fb. but I never used my personal account for advertising purposes. why is this happening?

  2. This is very helpful but I'm stuck in a weird loop. I cannot verify my account because my business has a toll-free phone number and unfortunately, Facebook will not call/text toll-numbers… any tips or suggestions? (I tried changing the number to my personal number but we literally use the business phone for all related things).

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