How To Report FB Ads Results To SMMA Clients

How To Report FB Ads Results To SMMA Clients

How to report the data & results that you generate with Facebook Ads to your SMMA clients.

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This channel is designed to assist social media marketing agency owners in growing their agencies. I upload videos when a relevant subject pops into my mind, not every single day to play by the algorithms. sorry. additionally, i upload personal videos from time to another, to give an insight into what my life as an agency owner looks like.

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10 thoughts on “How To Report FB Ads Results To SMMA Clients”

  1. Very good video! Facebook blocked me from advertising on my personal account and the 1st exam application was rejected. Do I still have a chance to regain access to my account?
    Thank you

  2. Hey Sander, I was wondering if you’re new to this and want to run ads for a client how do you charge and where do you get the money to run their ads in the first place? Do you spend some of your own to show them that your service could be potentially great or do you you rely if they have a marketing budget?

  3. Hey sander! love the aesthetics of your home, also great video putting a lot of value on the table
    i have a question, could you please tell me how do u track the leads you generate for these businesses? have a great day πŸ™‚

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