How To Sell On Amazon FBA As A Beginner – Step by Step Tutorial

How To Sell On Amazon FBA As A Beginner – Step by Step Tutorial

This is a Step by Step Amazon FBA Tutorial that will show EXACTLY How to Sell on Amazon, including my secret Amazon FBA method!

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(6:18) About Me
(9:58) How Amazon FBA Works
(11:02) Amazon FBA Business Models
(22:22) Private Labeling is Dead
(24:45) Find a Product
(31:52) Make a Brand
(34:03) What is Primal Branding
(39:36) Create Raving Fans
(42:55) Test Your Idea
(45:08) Find a Manufacturer
(47:05) Create Your Listing
(49:15) Launch Your Product
(56:46) My Income Report
(59:37) FREE Amazon FBA Course

This video is a complete guide on how to sell on Amazon. You will go from beginner to expert in this video. I will share everything that you need to know about selling on Amazon.

How does Amazon FBA work?
Basically, you send your product to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. They hold and store it. When a customer purchases your product, Amazon picks and packs your product. The fulfillment and shipping are all done by Amazon.

The Business Models
There are four business models that you commonly see on the Internet: Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private Label, Create Your Own Product. These are four different ways that you can earn on Amazon. Out of these four, I recommend creating your own product.

Retail Arbitrage – Buy discount items and flip them on Amazon. The benefit of this is it is low risk. It also requires low amount of cash. The downside of this is it is not scalable and not very reliable.

Wholesale – Buy items at wholesale and sell on Amazon. It’s relatively easy. You only need to find reliable manufacturers to buy wholesale from. However, it’s pretty saturated and has high competition. It’s also not a long-term business model.

Private Label – Find a winning product, something that people are buying. Create your own private label and sell it on Amazon. However, it is hard to find a product to private label and it is expensive to start. It is also saturated and has high competition. It also does not work as well as it used to.

Creating Your Own Product – This is the next gold thing on Amazon. Find something that does not yet exist and sell it on Amazon and Shopify. You also need no/low cash to start because you can raise money through a crowdfunding campaign. There is also no competition and you own the market. It takes creativity though, but there are strategies that you can apply to do it.

Private Labeling Is Dead
One of the reasons is that it is oversaturated. It is a lot harder than it used to be. China is also private labeling and they can make products for cheaper prices. The last reason is Amazon Basics. This is basically Amazon’s version of private labeling. When they find a private label product that is doing really well, they will copy it.

Find a Product
Our goal is to find profitable products that have high sales volume, with low/no competition, and can use custom branding. We are also going to get it shipped to Amazon, optimize a listing, and launch to page 1.

A lot of people make the mistake of having the cheapest product. It’s much better to have the best product. You can charge more for it and you’ll have better margins.

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon
Start writing down 1 idea a day, every day before you go to bed or the first thing when you wake up.
Think about how you can improve things. Look at what you use during the day or the activities you are doing and think about how they could be better. Everything you’re interacting with, you ask yourself “How could this be a little bit better?”
Look at your credit card statements. Where do you spend more money?
What do you search for? Next time you go on Amazon and you search for a product and no result comes up, that is a sign that you should create that product.

Make a Brand
You should create a brand to make more profit. It also leads to loyalty because people like to buy from the same brand over and over again. To make a brand, you should create an avatar. Figure out who that one person your brand is for. Try to have a picture of what that person looks like and give your avatar a name.

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  1. Travis… this video was extremely helpful and eye-opening. My buddy and I are going to start an Amazon business, and I'm sure glad I found this video for guidance. Plus, I like the fact that you are genuinely into helping people make their lives easier financially… that's kind of you. Thanks for the video.

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  3. Great advice. Just learning about Amazon FBA. Looking at a private label/brand at the moment. If a product can be sold for $10 on Amazon and unit price, shipping and packaging is $2.50 is there any profit in this??

  4. Also if you are about to pay for the course, why wouldn't you want to speak with someone first. My big fear is being scammed. Really wish I could talk with a real person first.

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