How to Set Up Facebook and Instagram Shops With Commerce Manager

How to Set Up Facebook and Instagram Shops With Commerce Manager

Want to sell your products on Instagram or Facebook? Looking for a tutorial to show you how to set up your Facebook Shop or Instagram Shop? In this video, expert Allie Bloyd shares a detailed step-by-step walkthrough for setting up your Facebook Commerce Manager, so you can create Shops on Instagram and Facebook. Discover how to properly set up your Product Catalog using two ways to add products; manually or by syncing with a third-party eCommerce platform. Plus, learn how to set up Facebook and Instagram checkout so people can complete their purchases without leaving the platform, and how to create an ad campaign to promote the products in your catalog across Instagram and Facebook.

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:11 What You’ll Need
00:46 What is Facebook Commerce Manager?
01:10 How to Create a Catalog
03:16 How to Add Items: Manual
04:40 How to Add Items: 3rd-Party Integration
06:25 Finalizing Commerce Account
07:18 Set Up Native Checkout for Facebook and Instagram Shops
08:40 How to Create Catalog Sales Ads

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10 thoughts on “How to Set Up Facebook and Instagram Shops With Commerce Manager”

  1. I am getting the error "Page is associated with a Commerce Account and cannot be moved. Please disable the Commerce Account first before trying again." It seems impossible to submit a ticket or chat with FB support right now, I think it could be because they're still switching over to meta? We have had many people managing out social in the past so I am trying to get to the bottom of it, not sure what to do for now. I have admin access to my pages, and went to set up a new ad account, but I am unable to claim the pages to the ad account, or set up a business manager and add any of our business assets as someone else out there must have a business manager / commerce manager that is linked to our pages, but no longer have admin access to our pages!

  2. Hi, I have an account set up. I'm trying to figure out how to get the shipping rates to combine instead of charging customers shipping for each item when they checkout

  3. This has to be the clearest besty explanation on this subject I have seen. Have meeting with Facebook and this gives me the amunition I need to get this done. Thanks so much…cheers

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