How to Set Up Facebook Standard Events and Custom Conversions: A Guided Walkthrough

How to Set Up Facebook Standard Events and Custom Conversions: A Guided Walkthrough

Need to set up standard events and custom conversion tracking for your Facebook ads? Want a better way to retarget leads from Facebook?

Facebook ads expert, Paul Ramondo shows you, step by step, how to set up Standard Events and Custom Conversions to better track leads from your Facebook ads.

You’ll discover why Standard Events are critical to the success of your ads campaigns, which events you should track, and how to use the Facebook Pixel Helper Tool Chrome extension to verify your Standard Events are firing properly.

You’ll also learn how to create Custom Conversions to track the leads from a specific URL

As a bonus, you’ll find how to transform custom conversions into custom audiences for bottom of the funnel retargeting.

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Verify the Facebook Pixel is Installed on Your Website
00:57 Set Up Standard Events
02:20 Important Standard Events to Track
03:15 Set Up Custom Conversions
04:50 Create a Custom Audience Based On a Custom Conversion
05:58 Create a Custom Audience Based On a Custom Event

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10 thoughts on “How to Set Up Facebook Standard Events and Custom Conversions: A Guided Walkthrough”

  1. You made a proper good job explaining this, I was so confused! Thank you for putting standard /custom conversions together. Honestly made it so much easier to comprehend, and also making a custom audience from the conversions.
    I really appreciate that.

  2. If we create a custom audience for example 30 days, we make it on December 1, then the audience will only count from November 1-30 only. Or as time goes by, it will be populated by itself, so on December 31, the custom audience will be on December 1-30?

  3. what are events? and the pixel on my website is not the same as the one on the ad and I can't chang it. I can't deal with or understand this fb pixel at all!!! I really need help and can't find it on youtube

  4. great and helpful videos, may i ask one question: i set 2 button conversions both in google ads and facebook business, i checked date for past 1 day, the facebook pixel button conversion always shows way more conversions than same conversion in google ads, why this discrepancy happened? i mean, the conversion is same, the data date is same, how this happened?

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