How to Set Up The Facebook Pixel in Shopify

How to Set Up The Facebook Pixel in Shopify

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In this video, I am going to set up Facebook Pixel in Shopify.

1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager.
2. Click dropdown then tools then Pixels it takes a second or two to load up.
3. Click add data source then Facebook Pixel.
4. Change create pixel name then click create.
5. Copy Pixel ID then go to the Shopify account and paste it.
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10 thoughts on “How to Set Up The Facebook Pixel in Shopify”

  1. Hey Travis I have two pixels an Iā€™m unsure which one is which. One of them is from my personal Facebook page an the other is from my business page I created on Facebook but can tell which one is actually using data to send traffic to my Shopify store

  2. Quick question. If we are an existing app with ads running. Should we use the existing facebook pixel or create a new one for Shopify App page? I thought I had read before you should use the same if it's the same audience….is this the case?

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