How To Set Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account 2022

How To Set Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account 2022

Learn how to create your own Amazon seller account! In this video, I show you how to sign up for a seller account on Amazon, including some mistakes that people make!

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Wyoming Registered Agent:

Legal Zoom:

Get Your EIN Number:

Get Your UPC Codes at:

0:00 Intro
0:03 How to Sign Up
7:06 Business Information
8:13 Seller Information
9:21 Billing Information
11:41 Store Information
13:32 Different Ways to Sell on Amazon
15:55 Verification Process
16:35 Additional Processes


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10 thoughts on “How To Set Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account 2022”

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  2. Hey Travis, thanks for all your insight and great info. I am starting out and signed up for wholesale. Can I change it periodically or does it have to stay the same? Also I am struggling getting product approved and how to sale on amazon.. please help

  3. Hello, I am located in Saudi Arabia but nationality Pakistani. I have opened non-US resident LLC in Wyoming and trying to create seller account but rejected two times due to unverified identity even after uploading passport copy. Please advise.

  4. Hi Travis! Tnx for your helpfull video! I want to begin selling with my partner. I am from Azerbajan. Did you have specific video helpfull for those, who didnt leave in US?

  5. If I initially sign up for a seller account using my name and personal information, is it difficult to switch it over when I get LLC, EIN, and business bank account set up?

  6. Hi Travis thank you for showing us step by step I really appreciate it. I have a question on the business type what is the difference between state owned business and privately owned businesses? I live in Washington state so does that mean I wouldn’t be able to register under Wyoming? If I ever wanted to open an online business would I use the same LLC or is that different from a state LLC ? Thank you!

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