How to Set Up Your First Ad Using Adwords

How to Set Up Your First Ad Using Adwords

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In this video, I am going to show you how to create an AdWords campaign. An AdWords ad will do all the work right here so if you have never created a campaign before you are probably going to when you log into AdWords and see a screen like this.
So go ahead and click “Create Your First Campaign.” In this video, I am also going to show you all of the tips and tricks that a lot of people leave out but that are very important. So for this one, I am creating an ad or I am creating a campaign called Yoga Pants. I might change that to Yoga Pants Colors. You will see why in a second. So, as we scroll down you see Google Search Network, include Search Partners sure but we do not want the Display Network so we are going to click up here and go to Search Network Only. All right.
So, Google Search includes Search Partners that is fine devices ad will show on all eligible. We do not want that so we will come back later and we will fix that. For me, I only want United States so I am going to click there Bid Strategy Maximum. I am just going to put a dollar amount right now. It is artificial and then five dollars per day which is what I recommend if you have never done AdWords before. That is probably like a pretty typical amount. Some of the cool things you can do are these different extensions. The site links extensions pretty good. That is a different video though that is out there. That is a whole other topic talked about so I am going to go ahead and click Save and Continue. All right, for the landing page I am going to put
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