How to setup Ecommerce Conversion Tracking in Google Tag Manager | Part 3

How to setup Ecommerce Conversion Tracking in Google Tag Manager | Part 3

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In the final video of this E-Commerce tracking series, we’ll setup our tags in Google Tag Manager

We have gathered our important information and it’s ready to be used in our tools like Google Analytics, the Facebook Pixel and the Google Ads Conversion tracking code. But how can we get the data from the dataLayer to these tags? With Google Tag Manager! In this final video of our eCommerce tracking series, we will go through how we can setup all the triggers, variables and tags in GTM to properly transfer our data to these tools and ultimately track our conversions.

0:00 – Introduction
0:28 – Setting up Tags and Forward Data to Google Analytics
6:33 – Conversion Tracking Based on Data Layer Information
6:48 – Facebook Event Conversion Tracking
10:36 – Google Ads Tags Conversion Tracking

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10 thoughts on “How to setup Ecommerce Conversion Tracking in Google Tag Manager | Part 3”

  1. Julian, what a cool video!. Thanks for being so generous with all of these! Julian, I saw the type of tags you made is google universal analytics. SInce I use Google analytics 4, should I recreate the property? I only have measurement ID with GA4

  2. Wow, finally I made this for my website on Prestashop! Thank You!
    I have 1 question: what happens when someone will refresh success page? Data will be sent twice or it will only update previous one because transaction ID is the same?

  3. Julian, I followed every step of this but I see in debug mode and GTM/GA Debug that the ecommerce data is not being sent with my event data. I tried this on two websites including the Google Merchandise Store. I'm injecting my GTM code on sites and was wondering if this could be issue?

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