How To Solve TikTok Ads Not Spending

How To Solve TikTok Ads Not Spending

In this video, I’ll take you through a quick tutorial on how to get your TikTok ads to start spending when they’re not spending any money.



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7 thoughts on “How To Solve TikTok Ads Not Spending”

  1. Asking for FACEBOOK ADS. Got winning audience from ABO (ABO budget was $5 per ad set) ran for 2-3 days. Now put it on CBO got good result on day 1st (CBO Budget was $50). But second day is like getting sales hardly 2 in $50. Why is it so, like what to do to get consistent good results from CBO. Plz advice if possible. Thank you.

  2. bro, I can run tiktok ads but it doesn't work, there is a reading in the Not Delivering status

    Payment failed or insufficient balance. even though I have successfully added a payment method and withdraw 10$ ??

  3. Hello sir my CPM is very high on the TikTok ads campaign I tried page view and add to cart event to warm up the pixel but the CPM are still going high i also tried to created a new pixel but the CPM are still high

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