How To Start An SMMA | In 2021

How To Start An SMMA | In 2021

Hello, in this video I go over the most important steps of starting a Digital Marketing Agency. Watch the full video to learn how to start making 2-5k+/mo. Let me know if this was a helpful video and feel free to DM us on Instagram if you have any questions!


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About Me!:

Currently I am self-entrepreneur developing a business that markets for all organizations. Having strong interpersonal skills combined with a goal oriented and determined mindset has allowed me to continuously grow my business while developing as a student.

A goal of mine is to become a leader within the marketing field. I aim to help workers unlock their hidden potential and reach their life long goals of success. Being disciplined, accountable, and organized are qualities I pride myself on having as a leader. Through my business and education I hope to further develop the characteristics that make a worker a true leader.

“Success does not entail looking down at those around you from the top. Success is to watch those you have helped reach the top with you”

About Versatile Agency:

At Versatile Agency our goal is to pave the path towards future success for your business. Through digital marketing platforms and detailed lead generation reports we bring the most influential and relative customers to your front door.

Operating on a completely digitalized platform we utilize the influence social media has on todays culture to benefit your business. Our marketing strategy incorporates the world’s most recognizable pages with the broadest variety of potential customers. With the incorporation of a lead generation system we certify consistent contact to customers keen to your business.

Through regular meetings at mutually established times we inform you of the progress your business has received with our programs. Statistical Analysis of lead generations will be presented to ensure optimal satisfaction with our progress. With time and continuous work your business will be getting the recognition it deserves.

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