How to Track Facebook Conversions with Custom Conversions (and Google Analytics)

How to Track Facebook Conversions with Custom Conversions (and Google Analytics)

Watch this tutorial on Facebook conversion tracking and learn how to setup custom conversions to track the performance of your Facebook ads. You will also learn how to configure goals in Google Analytics to compare Facebook with your other marketing campaigns.


Assigning a dollar value to conversions:
Google Analytics goal setup (and matching):
Tracking social traffic (including Facebook):
Facebook referrals in Google Analytics:
Reasons for inaccurate conversion data:
Setting up Facebook retargeting: />



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10 thoughts on “How to Track Facebook Conversions with Custom Conversions (and Google Analytics)”

  1. Hi, I have a website set up with VISTAPRINT and appointed a professional marketing team to handle google ads. The Marketing team want to track ads performance and only use Javascript codes. Vistparint only accept HTML coding. Anyone have a solution to this problem as I am being asked to create a different Website.

  2. Hey there I’m hoping you could possibly give some advice and insight on three specific questions.
    Since post IOS as you’re already aware has caused data loss in ad reporting.

    To address this I’m using CAPI which I hired someone on Upwork to help me set up using google tag manager for events to be sent through a server as well as my browser.
    Which has worked to send all of my events including purchase events to Facebook.

    But the problem is, even though Facebook is receiving the purchase events which I can see being tracked in the events manager…
    For some reason only some of my purchase events are being reported back as conversions in the ads manager, and I’m not able to get accurate data to know which campaign or ad set the sales are coming from.
    So with that said I have some quick questions I’m hoping you can help me with…

    1) Is there anything else I may have missed that is causing Facebook to be unable to link the purchase events to the ads in the ads manager reporting?

    2) Does running ads without the data being picked up properly by Facebook “dumb down” the Facebook AI resulting in an impact to all my ads and future ads I run?

    3) How do you determine to scale the correct ad sets when not sure which ad sets are doing well due to data not being received accurately in Facebook?

  3. Hi, thank you so much for your useful video. It's so easy to understand with the simple explaination! I love your voice so much, so soft!
    I still have questions: If using Facebook Website Conversion to collect leads, so how can I evaluate the metric? How can I calculate conversion rate (CR)? CR = lead / sessions? or lead / click?
    Thank you in advanced.

  4. Hi! I love your tutorial, it's direct to the point! I would like to ask on how can I track the social media that has the most user who checkout on my website? provided that I'm directing the campaign on my home page only and not directly on the checkout button?

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