How to Use Facebook Lead Campaigns to Build Your Email List

How to Use Facebook Lead Campaigns to Build Your Email List

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Facebook Lead Ads are one of the most powerful new marketing tools to become available recently, and they are currently usable on mobile devices, so everyone with a smartphone is a potential recipient of this kind of marketing message. Facebook Lead Ads are completely housed within the framework of the Facebook platform itself, which means a user would never have to navigate away from Facebook, and potentially be lost.

The Facebook Lead Ad process

As a smartphone user scrolls through the daily feed, your ad pops up on the phone, asking the user to opt-in to, for instance, a free DIY guide. By clicking on a ‘Download’ button in your ad, an email is sent to the user’s normal email account (because Facebook already knows the user’s email account).

Then the user has only to click ‘Yes’ to agree to send his/her email address to the person who is providing them with a free DIY guide (yourself). Without ever having to navigate anywhere else, your marketing message has reached the user – and your conversion rate gets a significant boost.

One of the real advantages of this approach is that it can be conducted in a very highly focused manner, with only your ideal candidate targets being polled. The precise demographic you are trying to reach are the only Facebook users who will receive your message, and this precision is attributable to the fact that Facebook already knows that information about each user.

How to implement a Facebook Lead Ad

Creating your own Facebook Lead Ad is not difficult, and with just a few attempts, you’ll become proficient at it. Then you can begin your own ad campaigns and take advantage of the tremendous savings that this approach offers, compared to previous traditional methods.

• To begin, you will need to access the Facebook Power Editor and start the whole process by clicking on ‘Create Campaign’.
• Then you click on ‘Create New’, since this is a new campaign
• Under the ‘Objective’ tab, select ‘Lead Generation’, and then click the ‘Create’ button
• Next you need to select ‘Create Adset’
• Under the ‘Choose a Campaign’ section, you’ll have the option to use an existing campaign or create a new one, but it will be the one from the first step, described above
• Next, you must select ‘Create Adset’, and when the ‘Choose a Campaign’ option appears, select the one you’ve already created
• Under ‘Choose an Adset’, select ‘Create New’
• Fill in the ‘Choose a Campaign’ with the campaign for this ad
• Press the ‘Create’ button to create the Adset
• Choose the appropriate Page
• Choose an audience which you intend to target with your campaign
• Select the placement of your ad, e.g. mobile news feed, e-commerce news)
• Click ‘Create’ button to create the Ad
• Type in the text of the message you are sending to the target audience
• Provide a headline
• Type in a news feed description
• Type in the Display URL
• Select a call to action (e.g. sign up, download)
• Select image to accompany your text
• Create new Lead Form
• Under the ‘What information would you like to ask for?’ area, you’ll have the option of asking for either email, full name, or both, but email-only would probably make the user feel more secure
• You must next include your legal disclaimer page
• Click Next, and you’re done!

To see how your email ad is being formatted as you work, simply watch the ‘Preview’ panel on the right side of the Power Editor as you finish each step. As you supply each new piece of the Ad, it gets placed into the Preview panel, so you can easily tell whether anything needs modification.

To see your emails, you can navigate to ‘Publishing Tools’, then select ‘Lead Ad Forms’, and finally, ‘Forms Library’.
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