How to Use Retargeting Ads Facebook & Adwords to Easily Increase Shopify Sales

How to Use Retargeting Ads Facebook & Adwords to Easily Increase Shopify Sales

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I drive a pretty decent amount of traffic to my website every day but most of the people who visit, ends up not buy anything. They just leave my website and never come back. So to help me hit my 6 figure month goal for Performance Nut Butter, I’m setting up Retargeting Ads. This is important because it targets customers who have already been on your website, knows your product and are most likely to buy. In this video, I’ll share with you three tips in setting up retargeting ads and the biggest mistake I made that cost me hundreds to a thousand dollars.
So why is Retargeting Ad important?
It’s the cheapest advertising you can do for your company because you already have them on your website, you just have to make them come back and buy. Customers are much more likely to check you out when you show them a retargeting ads as to compare to those who have never visited your site. It’s a good return of Investment since people need to hear about your company 7 times before they purchase.

Three Step Process to Set Up Facebook Ad
1. Set up your Facebook pixel
2. Create custom audience
3. Create campaign

Another big platform you should set up Retargeting Ads is Google AdWords and one of the best ways to utilize this is by using their display network. Here are three simple steps to set up Retargeting Ads in Google AdWords.
1. Placing the G-Tag on your website.
2. Create actual display Ads.
3. Create Campaign.

My Last Big Tip for you?
Don’t use a Third Party Service. I used AdRoll and it cost me hundreds to a thousand dollars. The way they bid isn’t optimal. I told them that the max I was willing to spend was $5 per click but they did up to $25 and there is no way this will happen if I have set it up on my own.
The tips that I shared above are just tips about Retargeting Ads in general but if you want to know the step by step process on how to set it up on Facebook and Google AdWords, hit that subscribe button so you can be notified as I’ll be releasing videos about the detailed process soon.


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