How to use the Assisted Conversions report in Google Analytics

How to use the Assisted Conversions report in Google Analytics

Assisted Conversions are the sources that were in the conversion path of the user and helped him convert. To understand how different assisted sources can affect our conversion path we can use the Google Analytics Assisted Conversion report. In this video Pavel will take you through some great insights of this report so you can optimize your channels.


00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – Assisted Conversions Concept
03:43 – Assisted Conversions Report
05:08 – How to read The Report
06:21 – How to use this information
08:56 – Conclusion

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10 thoughts on “How to use the Assisted Conversions report in Google Analytics”

  1. Great insight. This is a very common issue we've been facing day to day basis. I got two questions.
    – Facebook conversion campaigns success cannot be measured/backed by GA data. How do we back our work and success on FB campaigns by looking at GA data?
    – Since the attribution model only gives credit to the last non-direct click, do you suggest creating Conversion goals within Google Ads without importing from GA?

  2. Hey man.. what do u think of shopifys conversion api integration for facebook? Do u think it does the max or can u get more value out of setting up a tag manager with Google cloud for Facebook conversion api?

  3. Hi Julian and Pavel,

    Can I consider the Assisted conversion value as the actual revenue generated by that particular source/medium?

    So in your example, Google / CPC has generated 9606.78 assisted conversion value. Can I consider this as the final revenue generated through the Google ads campaigns for that period?

    Also, for Google ads campaigns, which would be the best attribution model to meaasure the outcome of the Transaction conversion (Imported from Analytics)?

  4. Hey there, great video! Since Google has announced they will stop supporting UA next year, we are slowly transitioning to GA4. We heavily really on assisted conversions, but unfortunately, we have not been able to find multi channel funnel report in GA4 with assisted conversions. Any idea how we can replicate this report in GA4? It is even possible? Thanks!

  5. Iam facing an issue in MCF:Assisted Conversion Report, When we see reports at MCF channel grouping level it shows total 6 Assisted Conversions, now if I add a secondary dimension source/ medium the assisted conversion value shows 7 (5 for Facebook , 2 for LinkedIn) which is 1 more than aggregated value which see when I only use MCF channel grouping.
    Can anyone please help me on this?

  6. What about assisted conversion through impressions. For example, a client sees my ads on display and then converts directly or organically, how can I tell if my display ad had an assisted conversion through that impression?

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