How to Use The Keyword Tool and Google Trends

How to Use The Keyword Tool and Google Trends

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to use Google to help you do some research on finding your niche on a bunch of different things one of the first things we’re going to talk about is the keyword planner. So this is you know the keyword tool is it’s a lot of times referred to you can just type in a keyword planner into Google or go to this URL keyword planner the first thing you’re gonna need to do is gonna need to sign in to AdWords. So let’s go ahead and do that and if you don’t already have an AdWords account I get a Gmail account I mean you’re gonna need a Gmail account a lot. So I’ll go ahead and do that and you don’t need to necessarily be spending money with AdWords to be able to use the keyword planner either which is nice. So let me show you how it works. So a lot of times what I do is search for new keywords using phrase website or category you can also get search volume data. So if you have a lot of words you want to get search volume data from you can use that multiply keyword list to get new keywords I mean all these are pretty self-explanatory get click and cost performance forecast that’s more for later on with when you’re actually doing.

AdWords. So let’s start with search for new keywords using a phrase website or category. So I’m trying to decide at this point what I should name our company that’s what we’re gonna use for this. So should I some things I’m thinking of yoga pants yoga clothes yoga wear maybe. So let’s say get ideas. So these are a group ideas I don’t usually look at that I click on the keyword ideas and this is where it starts to get fun. So if you look at the number of people searching average monthly searches for yoga pants , a little over , versus yoga clothes which is less than , it’s pretty obvious that more people are looking for yoga pants I will say as we’ll find out later that some of the people searching for yoga pants they might be searching for pictures of girls and yoga pants or things like that yoga clothes in some way is a little bit better of a keyword but we’re gonna go we’re probably going with yoga pants for my domain name because that’s just. So many people searching for it that seems like a pretty good and also because yoga pants is a something that people are searching for when they’re ready to buy wear yoga clothes might not necessarily be a buy ready keyword though that being said this is up to you I might change it the name of the company

Right now is asana yoga pants com we might change it to asana yoga clothes calm but for now I’m gonna go to yoga pants just because look at how many more people are searching but if we wanted to use this tool we could also look at some other things such as five thousand four hundred people are searching for yoga clothes three thousand six hundred people are searching for yoga space where yoga leggings. So this is interesting fifty four hundred people are searching for yoga leggings maybe that means that I should also sell yoga leggings yoga tops forty four hundred people are searching for that you can see there’s just tons of different information here. So I recommend looking through this because there might be something that people use instead of yoga pants that’s a more popular word that they might use workout clothes for women that’s not super niche you have clothes for women that’s pretty good. So as you can see yeah. So there’s all that data. So that’s one thing. So we we’re gonna probably go with the yoga pants versus yoga clothes but another thing we can do is use Google Trends. So Google Trends is cool because it lets you know the trend of how people are searching for it. So let me show you what I’m talking about here. So let’s say yoga pants. So I put this into Google Trends you’ll see that yoga pants have become a much more popular thing since around I don’t know they’ve started becoming more popular. So let’s add a term we can also add yoga clothes and you see something interesting yoga clothes has actually been pretty static relatively speaking that’s the red line is yoga clothes. So yoga pants have become a lot more popular but yoga clothes hasn’t. So that might be a sign that points us to the direction of we want to call the company something asana yoga pants not awesome a yoga clothes. So here is the last thing that I recommend doing which is actually searching for whatever you’re trying to rank for here. So if I search for yoga pants it is a little disconcerting that the first entry is girls in yoga pants but then we have other things like onesie yoga clothes.
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  1. So in other words, find out which keywords rank high, and then use those keywords to optimize your website in terms of product titles, descriptions, sales pages etc.

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