How to Write a Cold Call Script (STEP BY STEP)

How to Write a Cold Call Script (STEP BY STEP)

๐Ÿ“How to Write a Cold Call Script (STEP BY STEP)

Following my most recent video on cold calling techniques, as promised, here is a full step by step guide on how to build a cold calling script.

Knowing how to write a sales script will not only boost your confidence on the phone but will also increase the effectiveness of both your sales pitch and closing strategy. Preparing sales scripts before calls will help you handle objections appropriately and use them to your advantage when closing the sale.

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โ˜† Time Stamps โ˜†

0:00 – How to Write a Cold Call Script – STEP BY STEP (Intro)
1:12 – Why You Should Use a Sales Script When Cold Calling
2:27 – Why You Need To Learn & Memorise Your Sales Script
4:08 – 5 Step Cold Call Script Structure
4:34 – Step 1 (Diffusion)
6:18 – Step 2 (Introduction)
7:08 – Step 3 (Why Are We Calling?)
9:49 – Step 4 (Qualification Questions)
11:22 – Step 5 (What Do We Want?)
13:00 – Examples on How to Handling Objections
14:25 – How To Prepare For Objections
15:22 – BONUS TIP on How to Get Better at Cold Calling
16:17 – Coaching Call GIVEAWAY!

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  1. Jordan, please help me…I have been doing the same sales job for 20 years (trade school admissions) I just got a new job and I am sucking at it. I don't know what is going wrong but I am cold calling 150 people a day and I have nothing but hang ups

  2. Hi Jordan, I really have enjoyed your video clip, and thanks for sharing such great and innovative tips, looking forward to seeing more of them so please continue with your great work.

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