How To Write Perfect* Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO (2022)

How To Write Perfect* Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO (2022)

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Learn how to write page titles and meta descriptions for SEO and how to optimise them to increase your clickthrough rate from Google’s search results and increase your website traffic ——— get your free website review @

Well optimised page titles (or title tags) and meta descriptions can increase the number of people who visit your website. If your page title and meta description look good in Google’s search results then there’s a high likelihood that someone browsing may click on your link and not your competitors.

In this video, we’ll discuss what page titles and meta descriptions are, why they’re important, how to optimise your metadata for increased clicks by using your unique selling points and understanding search intent, and what the best page title length and meta description lengths are in 2021.

00:00 What Are Page Titles and Meta Descriptions?
03:55 How To Write The Perfect Page Title and Meta Descriptions
03:59 Step 1 — Research
07:29 Step 2 — Understand Searcher Intent
08:11 Step 3 — Perfect Title and Description Length
09:40 Examples of Perfect Page Titles
11:23 Examples of Perfect Meta Descriptions
13:01 Essential Tip: Revisit and Revise Your Meta
13:49 RECAP

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  1. Do I understand to get a ranking its better to have a broad title not a precise and exact one . e.g. as a legal consultant would prefer to use issues but a broader and general version will be better understood and will be accessed . How does one make it on my website as thats more on me not the subject .

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