How Your Friends Are Ruining Your Life! 🤬

How Your Friends Are Ruining Your Life! 🤬

Hi, my name is Jordan Platten, I am a speaker, author & digital marketing authority from the UK.

Having quit the corporate rat race, I’ve made it my ongoing mission to help others in the pursuit of a better life, and now mentor thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs all over the globe.
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5 thoughts on “How Your Friends Are Ruining Your Life! 🤬”

  1. This is the exact reason I dropped 11 of my mates from my old friend group, and I just been focusing on myself ever since. For me, success comes first and I'll focus on building friendships later so I don't have any distractions and people bringing me down

  2. Hey Jordan awesome video really true I learnt this the hard way everyone wanted to be friends when you had it all and when you had nothing very very few stayed and actually tried to help one back up…once again awesome video look forward to the next 💯👍

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