How Youtube Ad Revenue Works (Revealing My Income)

How Youtube Ad Revenue Works (Revealing My Income)

In this video I explain how youtube ad revenue works and how much money my channel currently makes from youtube ad revenue!
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People seem to always be asking “how much do youtubers make?”. And there’s a big misconception that a lot of subscribers or even a lot of views equal a lot of money. So, I wanted to make a video and get the youtube ad revenue explained. There’s a lot more variables when it comes to making money on youtube from ad revenue. First of all, it doesn’t matter how much subscribers you have, only the number of views count and how much a video makes per view. A very important factor is the CPM (Cost Per Mille) which defines how much you’ll make per 1000 views from your videos. The topics that your videos are about is the biggest factor deciding how high the CPM will be and how much a youtuber will make.

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10 thoughts on “How Youtube Ad Revenue Works (Revealing My Income)”

  1. Can someone help me because Im confused about something. So on my analytics, it says my ad revenue is $20.94 but last week it was at $24, why did it go down? Im honestly so confused. And it says I made $20 dollars last month and $10 dollars this month, so my revenue should be $30, right? But how come it only stays at $20. Im confused. :/

  2. I earned the money on Youtube Ad Revenue section, but the money transfer to the AdSense is only Monthly estimated revenue. So Do you know when the money from Youtube Ad Revenue section will transfer to the Google AdSense?

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