HVAC PPC  | HVAC Google Ads Campaign – 7 Days Running RESULTS

HVAC PPC | HVAC Google Ads Campaign – 7 Days Running RESULTS

HVAC PPC Case Study:
Google Ads for HVAC Contractors | Heating & Cooling PPC Case Study

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My name is Rob Andolina and I’m from right outside of Philadelphia (Super Bowl XXXIX Champs!!) Aside from running these Google Ads video tutorials that you guys love so much on YouTube :P, I am co-owner of Clicks Geek, a Certified Google Premier Partner Google Ads agency. We at Clicks Geek strive to create the highest quality Google Ads training videos out there. Our aim is to demystify the Google Ads platform and supply our audience AND our clients with the knowledge, sales skills and marketing materials to win deals and grow local businesses in the process.

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8 thoughts on “HVAC PPC | HVAC Google Ads Campaign – 7 Days Running RESULTS”

  1. Great video. Do you have an opinion on what a good conversion rate would be for a landing page that sends users directly to an appointment scheduling form? It seems like the 20-40% target would be high since this is a higher commitment conversion than a form sub or call.

  2. Woul you recommend having some broad match keywords in a new campaign so you can peruse the search terms report and get ideas for what keywords would be best to add? I noticed in your "heating repair" adgroup that you are getting the most conversions from the "heating and air conditioning service" keyword, but that doesnt even show as an option in the keyword planner when you search "heating repeair". Maybe you thought to use that keyword just from your experience, but for me I would have completely missed it. I'm curious what your thoughts are on using broad match at the start to not miss what could be valuable keywords. Thanks

  3. Hey Guys, love your videos! New Sub here. Question, on the Geo ad groups, you do "furnace repair city" and I'm assuming phrase+exact matches. Wouldn't your regular adgroup "furnace repair" also get triggered when people add a city/geo modifier? Or Are you strictly doing exact match on the furnace repair adgroup. I am trying to structure my adgroups similarly.

  4. Love that your videos are short and straightforward. I work in HVAC and have inherited our ad account however find it is very scattered with some repetition. We are currently bidding with Target CPA strategy for our Furnace Campaign but I'm having a hard time deciding when to create a new campaign or to just keep adding more ad groups. For example: I would like to test some competitive keywords including competitor names (I know the quality will be low), however I'm trying to get a better idea of what my competitors are paying… Should I test a competitive ad group with a really high Target CPA or run a test as a separate campaign? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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