I Paid For A 6 Figure Dropshipping Business on Fiverr!

I Paid For A 6 Figure Dropshipping Business on Fiverr!

I Paid For A 6 Figure Dropshipping Business on Fiverr!

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Inspired by @Daniel Schiffer

If this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos, my name is Sharif and in this video, I paid strangers on Fiverr to create me 3 different Shopify Dropshipping websites/stores $10 I paid $50 & I paid $150 to see if there is really a difference. The results in each of these dropshipping stores are surprising and has a very weird outcome! This video is for entertainment purposes only.

10 thoughts on “I Paid For A 6 Figure Dropshipping Business on Fiverr!”

  1. What about a $3000 website? Is it worth it? I have a guy charging me $3000 to edit my store for me. I already made a store and got 1 sale in 5 days. He claims his website building will make me a lot more money.

  2. I was wondering, if my Facebook ad account is somewhat new, like for example when choosing the conversion objective (obviously) and purchase event, there's yet another option (optimization and ad delivery), when it's set to also conversions, it gives me a warning that I may get 0 sales and suggests (link click). Do you think it's smart to "buy time" and spend $100 in one day (and then go back to $5-$10 daily budgets as normal)… Will that speed up things and collect data faster? (When setting $100 the error is gone and it says <0 instead of 0).

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