I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week! – Entrepreneur Reaction -dropshipping product research 2020

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week! – Entrepreneur Reaction -dropshipping product research 2020

Just my personal opinion about this 1 week dropshipping experiment and the dropshipping product research for 2020. X0X0 Renae

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10 thoughts on “I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week! – Entrepreneur Reaction -dropshipping product research 2020”

  1. Hey Renae… Re: Sharif Mohsin : He was using a Shopify plugin called "AReviews". He finds a copy of the product he's going to sell, that someone is selling on Amazon, and has the plugin pick 4 stars and up from
    that Amazon product. Hope that helps. P.S. He also uses another Shopify plugin called "Oberlo" tha he links his shopify to the MFG , Alibaba and the plugin highlights the particular Alibaba product. That pulls in the info from Alibaba. 15:29

  2. Renee with a small bit of digging you will find that bandsoffads is OWNED by the original author of the YouTube help video …Sharif Mohsin. So in this scam-my approach this guy is shilling his own business in his setup YouTube video. This would also explain the design / marketing skill on his page.

  3. mmm I bet that guy has some steak/owns that video ads site… and ppl that are just trying will go there and submit their carefully researched item to that site (him)….so ppl do the product research for him. then if he likes the product idea then he will compete with you/ take your item/idea….pretty smart actually…for the unsuspecting

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