I Use TikTok Ads from Australia Targeting the USA…This is How…

I Use TikTok Ads from Australia Targeting the USA…This is How…

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere or Europe or anywhere else in the world trying to advertise to the USA on TikTok then chances are you’re being Geo-Located to your region and unable to target the USA.

This poses a real problem for those of us who have a USA based LLC and would like to advertise for our companies in America. In this TikTok Ads Tutorial, I take you through how to set up TikTok in order to hit the market you need.

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10 thoughts on “I Use TikTok Ads from Australia Targeting the USA…This is How…”

  1. Hey Ron, Just come across your Youtube video. I just created my first Tiktok Ad yesterday and realized that most of my sales are from the US (I'm in Australia). How do I switch to US? Do I create a whole new Ad account? can I use the same emails and details? is Tiktok strict like FB?

  2. Hey ron, great video! I have a question though. Do you need to turn your vpn on every time you login or can you turn it off after the sign up process is completed? So you dont have to turn it on next time you login.

  3. In case you already had an Australian ad account and wanted to switch to USA, would you create a brand new business manager or would you simply disable the australian ad account and create a new USA ad account within the same business manager?

  4. Hi buddy thanks for the video. Do you know how to target USA organic traffic on tiktok from Australia? I'm wondering if this is possible. Thanks

  5. Hi buddy just one more question regarding the business name section. It's okay just to put my website name? Will tiktok verify my business or will I have to get a USA business? Thanks so much bro 😊

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