Inside Look: Business Presentation Specialists at McKinsey

Inside Look: Business Presentation Specialists at McKinsey

Hear firsthand what it’s like to work as a business presentation specialist at McKinsey. Colleagues describe how they use their creativity and teamwork to translate complex ideas into visually-appealing presentations and drive impact for consultants, clients and the firm. Want to know more? Visit our careers website:

9 thoughts on “Inside Look: Business Presentation Specialists at McKinsey”

  1. Are these people Graphic designers or MBA grads ? Also wow, I never knew making PowerPoint is taken so seriously by someone. That is hilarious. Moreover someone really had the audacity to say we're impacting the world in a meaningful way while making PowerPoint presentationsđŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚. These guys are talking like they're finding the cure for diabetes when in reality it's just a presentation. At least have an idea what an impactful job actually is before using it as a corporate buzzword.

  2. As a BI Analyst, I feel these big companies are still old school.

    With Tableau dahsboards & User Stories, Reports printed to PDF you can achieve more than merely using PowerPoint.
    You impress you clients with great visuals in that aspect Tableau is the best.

  3. Hi Team,
    I am a Business Presentation Specialist. I have 6 years of experience as same. I recently move to Canada. Is there any opening for the role of Business Presentation Specialists at McKinsey Canada?
    Thank you

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