Insiders Update with Benjamin from Loves Data

Insiders Update with Benjamin from Loves Data

In today’s Insider Update we cover updates Google has made to Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Optimize, and Google Analytics. We’ll look at the updated campaign creation steps in Google Ads, the new Tag Assistant in Google Tag Manager, and more.

○ Google Ads campaign creation –
○ Debug tags in Google Tag Manager –
○ Introduction to Google Surveys –
○ Conversion in GA4 properties –

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2 thoughts on “Insiders Update with Benjamin from Loves Data”

  1. Hi Benjamin, thanks for the update. I've recently discovered that GA4 was update when I created a new property for my client website. I'm using tag manager to track a couple of engagements and I present all of this information back to my client using Google Data Studio.

    My question is how do one retain the metrics and properties data points that use to come out of GA in the latest GA4? I'm using a datastudio template that reports custom properties, segments and basic things such as bounce rates. In an earlier video you mentioned that it's now been replaced, but what if this is a requirement for how I do reporting to my client?

    When I configured the new GA4 property and plugged in the data to my Data Studio template, the dashboard broke and all fields and metrics have been renamed or completely missing. Any advice on how to get these back? I feel like I need to relearn GA as this is changing the way I analyse and conduct reports.

    Love your videos, keep it up.

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