Install Google Tag Manager on Shopify – Complete GTM Setup [Lesson 2]

Install Google Tag Manager on Shopify – Complete GTM Setup [Lesson 2]

Learn how to set up Google Tag Manager on Shopify – checkout/purchase included. Not only placing the GTM container into your Shopify store but a creating complete Shopify data-analytics setup using GTM. Lesson 2 of Google Tag Manager (#GTM) – #Shopify Course 🎓on Youtube 👇

This video is Lesson 2 đź“šof our comprehensive, actionable, FREE Google Tag Manager (#GTM) – #Shopify Course 🎓on Youtube. This 45-mins course is specifically prepared for Shopify stores – so all that you’d learn will be actionable.

Follow the video to install Google Tag Manager on Shopify with a few simple steps. The tutorial is totally actionable and beginner-friendly. The 2nd lesson covers the following topics:

00:00 Intro to Google Tag Manager Shopify Course
01:14 Create a GTM account (if you don’t have one)
01:48 Get your GTM container code
01:57 Install the GTM code into your Shopify theme
02:59 Add the GTM code into your Shopify checkout page
04:15 Debug & verify the installation (Preview Mode)
05:25 Test order & verify the GTM Installation on Shopify Checkout

GTM is such a powerful tool that we believe every Shopify store should definitely use it. That’s why we have created this comprehensive, actionable, and FREE Google Tag Manager – Shopify course.

We have installed and completed the setup the GTM on Shopify in this video. GTM Shopify is such a great combo! Make sure to learn more about it and take actions! In the following videos we will:

– Learn GTM essentials, such as tags, triggers, variables – and insert Google Analytics 4 into your Shopify store through GTM
– Create a purchase data layer and add that to your Shopify store’s checkout page
– Create custom triggers and variables on your GTM account and use them in the Tags
– Add Google Ads conversion tracking through GTM
– Add GA4 Ecommerce tracking through GTM
– Add Facebook Pixel purchase tracking through GTM

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  1. Amazing, such a great help, but I have one important question. I'm constantly getting this error message, and not sure how to fix it. MY GTM code is placed again on the checkout additional scripts, I can see it functioning on the page, however it's status is 'red' with following error <script> tag must not be included in a <div>

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