Interview with Brian Dean of Backlinko on SEO strategy- Grow and Convert

Interview with Brian Dean of Backlinko on SEO strategy- Grow and Convert

In our interview with Brian Dean of Backlinko, we got to ask a ton of interesting questions on SEO, such as:

– What’s the minimum domain rank your site should have to get content to rank?
– How you should approach SEO strategy for a brand new site?
– Is it better to build links to specific pages or your overall site?
– What was the most interesting SEO experiment he ranked lately?
– How he prioritizes keywords
and more…

In particular, our discussion around how he would approach content strategy for a new site (we posed a question of a B2B SaaS company that had a blog but wasn’t getting many results from it) is that he said he’d start first not with an “SEO” piece meant to rank for a buying keyword, get traffic, and get leads.

He said instead he’d first start with pieces meant to simply make a splash, get notoriety, build links, and get noticed.

The SEO purpose of that strategy of course, is to build links. He said if the domain has very little authority it will be hard to rank for competitive keywords so the first think you need to do is get links and the best way to do that is with a really cool piece that’s not meant to sell the product or rank for something, it’s simply meant to get attention and links.

He also said he would continue to do these long term, so you do these in parallel to a conversion focused SEO campaign (which is the focus of our system and Pain Point SEO).

This interview was done for members of our private course and community and we decided to open up this interview publicly because we thought it was so valuable. Learn more about our course here:

Interview conducted by Benji Hyam and Devesh Khanal of Grow and Convert.

5 thoughts on “Interview with Brian Dean of Backlinko on SEO strategy- Grow and Convert”

  1. The mashup of perspectives here is really compelling. SEO takeaways range from basic to the more advanced, but when it gets into the details of Brian's analysis of one of his pages dropping, why kw tools are lagging indicators at best, and theory vs real-life client situations the value is there. It's easy to find silo'ed content marketing ideas, just preaching the same stuff to the same people in a niche, but here two different viewpoints come together in a smart way.

  2. Great advice from Brian on strategy for a new brand website. This is to write the first articles causing some buzz.

    You (Grow and Convert) did that too, claiming that you want 40,000 visitors in a short period of time. And I did this with an analysis of 5 well-known marketing blogs.

    It worked! Links started to appear. We squeezed into the niche with a little noise 🙂

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