iPad Air 5 – 1 Month Later! (Review & Tour)

iPad Air 5 – 1 Month Later! (Review & Tour)

After a month with the new iPad Air, is the iPad Air 5 even worth it, can it replace a laptop and what’s the point of the iPad and tablets? Here’s a review and overview of Apple’s iPad Air 5 including the Apple Pencil, full setup, M1 chip, apps, FaceTime center stage and more. Enjoy!

iPad Air 5: https://amzn.to/37MfILS
Apple Pencil: https://amzn.to/3KFVXnN
iPad Stand: https://grovemade.com/product/wood-ipad-stand/?rfsn=5163476.ceec3d&initial=640
iPad Glass Screen Cleaner: https://amzn.to/3KxCCVH

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0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – iPad Air 5 Specs
1:30 – Small Storage Space
3:06 – Battery Life
4:02 – Other Negatives
4:42 – iPad Pro vs Air 5
5:26 – New M1 Processor
6:06 – iPad Gaming
7:10 – New Camera + Center Stage
7:58 – Design
8:22 – Apple Pencil for iPad
9:00 – 5G Cellular + WiFi 6
9:52 – iPad Desk Setup & Sidecar
11:10 – Is it Worth It?

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iPad Air 5 – 1 Month Later! (Review & Tour)

9 thoughts on “iPad Air 5 – 1 Month Later! (Review & Tour)”

  1. I really, really appreciate that you actually focused on what we use and the user experience instead of just what’s added in the IPad. Love your tech content, cheers.

  2. I recently purchased an iPad and integrated it into my workflow. However, I went for the Pro – as I felt 64GB was limiting for a number of reasons and the price difference v the 256GB Air justified it.

    I highly recommend you look at universal control over sidecar if you haven’t already. Also, a keyboard case such as the Logitech combo touch to really extend the portability.

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