Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting? TRUTH Revealed

Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting? TRUTH Revealed

Here is the Truth about Amazon FBA after the Congressional Anti-Trust Hearings, including an OPPORTUNITY NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT!

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How to Sell on Amazon:

Anti-Trust Hearing:


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10 thoughts on “Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting? TRUTH Revealed”

  1. do you have a video about launching your packaged food company? how did you find store buyers or did you just sell through amazon? how did you find/choose your food packer? making the kick starter, were you ever afraid somebody would just swipe your idea before you even started production? what was the average backing and how much did you put into advertising?

  2. and if you ask manifacuters if they agree to sell they product and they agree u cant be sued then? Cuz im just getting started and I would rly appreciate and answer to this from you or someone that used to wholsale thanks

  3. What is your opinion on this :
    1. To sell products having low competition and high demand and private labeling them.
    2. Are you saying that we should create a product and sell them on Amazon. Will people even search for them and buy them?

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  5. Make your own product? Do you realize how hard that is? Not to mention you have to get high traffic in order to get sales and then the headaches of advertising, item returns, refunds, complaints, etc.

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